Triple Arthrodesis in the treatment of severe post-traumatic subastragalus osteoarthritis.

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Introduction: Currently one of the most common problems to solve for any traumatologist is the aftermath of traumatic retropié injuries. The triple arthrodesis of the foot aims to produce ankylosis of the joints astragalus-scafphoid, calcaneus-cuboid and astragalus-calcaneous (subastragalus). It is usually satisfactory surgery on aftermath of infections, tumors, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis and severe post-traumatic subastragalus osteoarthritis. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of triple arthrodesis in the treatment of severe subastragalus osteoarthritis as a sequelae of traumatic foot lesions.Method: A prospective descriptive study was conducted, longitudinal cutting on 38 ankles of 32 patients, 26 unilateral and 6 bilateral, who attended the International Orthopaedic Scientific Complex "Frank Pais" in the period from October 2015 to September 2018 with the diagnosis of post-traumatic osteoarthritis subastragalus with dysfunction and, confirmed clinically and radiographically incapacity.Results: Predominated the male sex with 76.3%, the results were satisfactory, evaluated using the AOFAS instrument, 93.7% of patients would have surgery again.Conclusions: The results obtained with Triple Arthrodesis in the aftermath of traumatic foot injuries were favorable even though most patients were in the most advanced stage of osteoarthritis.

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subastragalus osteoarthritis, triple ankle arthrodesis


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